A Journey To The Past – How Krill Oil Reached Our Lives

September 1st 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Since when krill oils as we known them exist?; who was the first company involved in this business?; is the Chinese Antarctic krill fishery solely business minded?; will the current Norwegian krill oil monopoly last?; is the nascent North Atlantic krill fishery an alternative to its South cousin?.

These and many other questions regularly pop up on our desks, reason why we updated our 2010 source report. Take a look latest Tharos’ report.

Antarctic Krill Fishing Trawler

A 45-page that goes back to the mid 70s when Tharos’ Chief Engineer was assigned to one of the first fishing trawlers heading to the South Antarctic krill fishery.

We are ready to address your questions. Thanks for visiting us.

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Dimitri Sclabos

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