Best On Board Factory Trawler Production Mix

Financial and Commercial Analysis.
Krill Meal/Oil versus Frozen Krill Meat (2008).
Version 2007-2008.

An economical evaluation was made for a pre-set number of krill products targeting human consumption, aquaculture-feed ingredients, pharmaceuticals and krill-derived nutraceutical end products. The research goal was to determine the optimal on-board production-mix for a define processing layout on-board a krill-harvesting trawler (MES or minimum efficient size) in order to maximize the financial profit resulting from the production of that mix. The work assumes suitable available resource and certain potential demand, for the working period 2010-2016. The trawler-type is a 7.800 GRT class RTMK-C with an engine capacity close to 5.300kWt. The preliminary mix considered astaxanthin, chitin, chitosan, aqua-grade dried meal and oil, frozen meats and whole round frozen krill. The resulting NPV of around US$63 Million (IRR 65%) was secured through a limited combination of products only, such as meats + aqua-grade meals and oils. Storage restriction makes difficult to work through a pure or partial whole round krill + meal/oil + frozen meat combination. A large number of combinations where researched through certain mathematical models for a global market demand estimate ranging from 52 000 tons up to 317 000 tons depending on the type of end   product. Resulting conservative NPV were close to US$ 63,1 million and an IRR of 65.5%.


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