Brokerage Representations

Since Tharos’ establishment, we have built an extended customer base with a variety of marine food and feed items. With our worldwide contacts of both suppliers and customers, Tharos is actively engaged in third-country trading.

For more than 15 years, we have worked with industry participants to understand your unique needs, and been proud to be a source of competitive pricing for food and feed materials.

Our brokerage activities are primarily associated with the food and feed industry, with pelagic and non-pelagic marine products, either for feed or food-grade purposes. Tharos acts as a broker between buyers and sellers, working under a pre-agreed commission, or as a buyer when we become a principal party to the deal.

Our brokerage involvement includes our well-known quality-assurance engineering team. When applicable, we appoint our expert engineering team for on-site quality assurance and overall processing control.

Buyers rely on our on-site quality and processing control, which is widely known in the industry for krill end-products.

We generate quality certificates that testify our control and assurance programs, with detailed working summaries associated with each activity. When on-site laboratories are deficient or do not exist, Tharos installs its own laboratory equipment to perform basic quality control.

Our clients benefit from specialized market information and the best pricing options. Tharos’ specialized reports provide our customers, including sellers, producers or buyers, with a bank of data to help them make better decisions.