Chinese fishing firm seeks to dominate Antarctic with massive trawler

SeafoodSource_jpgChina es seriously involved in the improvement of their current processing and quality standards as the only way to compete vis-a vis with current krill operators and suppliers.

Continuing with our reports about Chinese fishing cooperations’ involvement in the South Antarctic krill fishery, and more specifically in krill oil, SeafoodSource March.23rd news expands more on this matter.

Chinese fishery celebrate the launch of a large new trawler, the Ming Kai, which is being promoted in China as giving China an edge in the hunt for krill and other species in Antarctic waters. It is Asia’s largest processing trawler, according to a statement by the Qingdao Ocean & Fisheries Bureau, a government body.

Launched by Qingdao Ocean Fishing Co., a government controlled entity, the vessel comes in at 120.7 meters in length, with carrying capacity of 7,765 metric tons (MT) and will carry a crew of 122.

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This is the beginning of a series of Chinese-flagged trawlers that will enter the krill fishery challenging incumbents with improved technologies to reach lucrative food-grade markets.



Dimitri Sclabos
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