Fluoride on Krill End-Products (2007)

All krill species contain high levels of natural organic fluoride in their shells, a feature that South Antarctic krill fisheries will have to take into account when assessing actual and potential products. Krill meal typical processing considers whole raw krill (including the exoskeleton), therefore resulting krill meals have natural organic fluoride content in the range of 1 000-3 000 ppm. Fluoride is needed by animals, humans included. There have been efforts made to produce low shell (hence low fluoride) krill products. Low fluoride krill meal was prepared by removing exoskeletons from dried whole krill to give a fluoride content of approximately one-fourth of krill meal (KM) at 230 ppm for LFK and 870 ppm for whole KM. Other extraction procedures were researched.


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Dimitri Sclabos
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