Greece – How it is Transforming the Krill End-Products Market

THAROS and NIKI KORONAKI Working Together in Greece 

Beyond thousands of years of history for this cradle of wisdom and knowledge, Greece also offers great business opportunities in the aqua-feed and food sectors, for several krill end-products for example. A hub for its neighboring countries, Greece has become a strong consumer of several feed ingredients, such as krill meal. Also offers good opportunities for the food supplement category in the hands of krill oil. 

There is a strong gratitude for our friends and colleagues at NIKI KORONAKI & Co. whom has been pivotal for the success shown promoting such krill products. Talk to them at

See what Tharos and NIKI KORONAKI has to offer you in Greece regarding Tharos’ clicking Krill Meal and Krill Oil.

Dimitri Sclabos
Dimitri Sclabos

Founder and Co-owner