How much Omega3 daily consumption is enough?

At least 500mg (0,5gr) per day according to GOED, and almost three times that much according to Russian health authorities, while for the rest of the countries that have ventured applying such regulation, it falls around 250mg, as recently reported by

It has been so many years of debate about how much is enough, that GOED thought it was time to make its own recommendations, and it has the background to do so as almost all of those that have a saying in the Omega3 industry are GOED members.

And GOED recommendation is no different to the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids’ (ISSFAL) made 10 years ago.

GOED didn’t stop at the 500mg per day recommendation, but also proposed a dosage of 700mg and 1 000gr per day for pregnant women and high blood pressure conditions, respectively.

Besides this, GOED has come up with various infographics to help expand the knowledge the consumer, and the media, have about marine-origin Omega3’s and why these are more healthy compared vegetable Omega3; better for Brain Health, and why the importance on human health in general.








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