How the krill fishery looked in the 2000s, and how it shaped the future


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One of our 2008 reports researched if krill meals and oils would become long-term feed ingredient substitutes to, at that time, prevalent pelagic-fisheries’ fish meals and oils. We were also predicting catch scenarios.

We accurately predicted some trends, and made significant mistakes on catch and output estimates. And several lessons we took out of that. 

This report gives a very good overview of 30-year price structure from Tharos’ market activities, catch effort, and “who was who” at that time, vessel names and operators. 

One of the lessons obtained from our catch allocation bias, is that operator’s annual catch effort request, and CCAMLR’s catch quota allocation policy, does not reflect the real outcome the South Antarctic krill fishery has. Operator’s over-estimating strategy has to change if we want to preserve such wonderful and resilient resource. 

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