Dimitri Sclabos/Tharos speaker at the International Marine Ingredients Conference

South American (Antarctic) Marine Ingredients. Processing, Supply and Demand Outlook”, September 21, 2010. The conference will address challenges and perspectives facing the international marine ingredient industry.
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New Extaction process produces high quality chemical-free Krill Oil

An international patent has been filed for what is clamed to be a revolutionary process for extracting oils from krill caught in the South Antarctic Ocean…. Read more

Chemical-free krill oil?

February 15, 2010
A Chilean company says it has developed a revolutionary process for extracting oils from krill. The non-solvent and chemical-free extraction technique, for which an international patent is pending, produces oils that can be used in products for direct human consumption….. Read more

Chilean firm proposes solvent-free krill extraction

A Chilean krill extraction specialist has applied for a global patent it
says will allow oils to be extracted from krill without the use of solvents
and offer savings of about 30 per cent…. Read more

Revolutionary solvent-free extraction process for krill oil

November 14, 2009
Tharos Ltd  has recently filed  what it expects to be a new and revolutionary way to extract the highest possible quality krill oils. The patented process will significantly reduce production costs and… Read more

New and Revolutionary Patent for Krill Oil Extraction

November 16, 2009.
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Krill Oil patent application in Japan

November 2009.
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Buscando la Calidad Internacional en los Mares Antárticos

November 2009, Revista Certificación
Ofrecer productos de calidad y a bajo costo es un lugar común en el mercado altamente competitivo que rige hoy en día…. Read more

Patent pa krill-metode

November 2009
Chilenske Tharos Ltd har patentert en produk-sjonsmetode for krill-olje de mener er bade billigere og bedre enn eksisterende…. Read more

Chemical-free krill oil here?

November 2009
A Chile-based consultancy and brokerage firm say its on the verge of securing a patent for a chemical-free method of producing pharmaceutical-grade krill oil…. Read more

On the subject of Krill: research by Dimitri Sclabos with Dr. V. A. Bibik & Dr. A. S. Vinnov

Engineer with 25+ years experience in the Fisheries, Seafood and Food sectors. He has been focused on krill meal & krill oil processing, marketing and operational aspects for various world owners… Read more

Harnessing the Potential of Krill

Nancy Griffin reports how a US company, utilizing the skills of experts from many different countries, is close to successfully processing the massive krill resource in the Antarctic Ocean to produce high quality foods for human and animal consumption…. Read more