Krill and Fish Oil Marine Consulting

As world-renowned consultants in the krill and fish oil industry, we have extensive experience in South Antarctic Krill fishing (Euphausia superba). We provide the most experienced and independent professional teams for each marine and high-sea fishing project. These teams have supported krill operations for Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Chilean, Norwegian, Korean, Polish and the USA.

1. Trawlers on-board factory processing engineering

Tharos’ engineering team and proprietary models include work done on-board fishing vessels, related to on-board processing principles, laboratory work and written working manuals.

Consulting work includes on-board factory design, layout and set-up support. Processing engineering consulting includes:

  1. Ready-to-eat frozen meats
  2. Phospholipids-rich krill and other marine oils
  3. Phospholipids-rich krill meal
  4. Feed & food-grade krill meal
  1. Canned krill meat
  2. Feed/food-grade whole frozen krill
  3. Krill solubles and hydrolyzates

We were the first group to put together krill-processing technologies from the former USSR, and install and operate them onboard fishing vessels from Western countries. This service includes onshore processing and reprocessing, and on-site support.

2. Product development

Product development takes place in-house, as well as in association with world-renown research centers. From these research associations, we have created several end-products such as:

  1. Low-fluoride aqua-grade dried krill meal.
  2. Food-grade frozen krill meats.
  3. On board-processed pharmaceutical-grade krill oil.
  4. Dietary supplement-grade krill hydrolyzates (peptide – solubles).
  1. Low-fluoride stick-water and krill meals.
  2. Food-grade solubles and concentrates.
  3. Feed and food-grade protein/lipids complexes.

3. Research and Development

  1. Consulted EU authorities on red meal’s Fluoride import criteria (Commission Directive 2003/100/EC, October 31 2003).
  2. Consulted EU & USA authorities on PCB’s and heavy metals level criteria.
  3. Consulted EU organizations (EFAPIT and IFFO) on krill-related matters.
  1. Developed new technological capabilities for at-sea krill projects.
  2. Former and current R&D activities with VNIRO, CORFO, KamchatNIRO, SakhNIRO, AtlantNIRO, former Russian and Ukrainian State Fisheries Departments.

4. Sales and marketing

Using our extended customer base, we provide:

  1. Direct sales and distribution through Tharos’ extended customer base.
  2. Written marketing material for the web.

  1. Marketing for trade shows and fairs, from concept to booths, including participation if required.

5. Business Plans and Financial Analysis

Business plan development is based on real market situations, market trends, and the corporation’s long-term goals. Financial analysis of fishery potential is based on your goals and Tharos’ vast experience in processing and marketing in the fishing industry. Projects have been developed on-site as well as co-authored with respected universities and research centers.

6. Logistical and operational support

For the South Atlantic and Pacific areas, at-sea and on-shore operational support includes:

  1. Bunkering and cargo transportation and shipment.
  2. On-shore meal bulk-transportation and shipment.
  3. On-shore food/feed-grade whole frozen re-processing activities

  1. On-shore and at-sea quality assurance programs
  2. On-shore quality re-assurance plans and logistical and governmental support.