Krill and Marine Consulting and Project Management

Krill oil is a vital part of the thriving marine industry. It offers many opportunities for sourcing omega-3s for animal, human and pharmaceutical products.

For over 20 years, Tharos has specialized in krill consulting and fisheries projects, working with world-class international companies focused on wellness products from the oceans.

As independent outsourced contractors, we help you analyze the market, and execute projects by providing highly experienced professionals and on-site working teams.

Working with companies across the globe, our core competences include market and operational analysis, product development and distribution, technical and marketing reports, and superb sales practices.

Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Industries

We offer the highest quality, cost-effective krill oil and nutritional and pharmaceutical consulting services:

  • Krill oil studies and research
  • Krill oil industry knowledge and consulting
  • Analysis of the krill industry, including “who’s who”
  • Industry evaluations across entire business lines
  • Technical and marketing reports
  • Krill oil sources
  • Project evaluations with case studies
  • Product ideas and development
  • Processing and on-site quality control
  • On-time distribution

Fishing Industry

Well known in the fishing industry for our conferences, papers, and awards, we offer:

  • Product development for krill meal, krill oil, frozen and canned meats, oils, solubles, protein/lipid complex and concentrates
  • Experienced, independent work teams for marine projects
  • Laboratory set-up and management for quality control including “on board” analytical work
  • Fishing trawlers
  • On-board and at-sea processing control and improvements
  • On-shore processing and on-site support
  • Direct sales, distribution and marketing
  • Full line logistic support

Financial Industry

Offering banks, risk capital investors, investment funds:

  • Project evaluation and financial analysis to meet your company’s fishing industry goals, including analysis of krill oil and fish oil
  • Business plan development based on market situations and trends
  • Market research
  • Consulting in processing, selling, and business planning for the fishing industry
  • Industry and company financial evaluations

Aquaculture Feed Industry

As brokers of krill meal, fish meal, fish and krill oil, we offer:

  • Sourcing price-competitive food and feed material
  • Engineering expertise for quality-assurance and processing control
  • On-site projects working directly with contractors
  • Quality certifications
  • Laboratory facilities to perform quality controls

Brokerage Representations

As your project consultant, we offer:

  • Exclusive representation for foreign corporations
  • Trading with suppliers and customers worldwide
  • Brokerage to mediate between buyers and sellers
  • Specialized market information and best pricing options
  • Marketing reports to aid decision-making

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