Krill oil tested on USA Military warfighters

USArmyFollowing Tharos’ August 18th news, reported on the US Army research using krill oil to treat various health issues of war-fighters. The research was launched on August 1st, ending between March and May, 2018.

Within the research goals, krill oil will be evaluated on how well it copes with psychiatric performance, cognitive impact and warfighters’ functioning once krill oil supplementation has been stopped.

This research will not only have a profound implication on the military personnel, but also to the public in general. And the fish oil community as a whole. If successful, it will boost the aligning category with a robust set of data, proven on the most stringent conditions.

More on this can be read in the Journal of Affective Disorders and the November 2014 edition of the Military Medicine.

Dimitri Sclabos
Dimitri Sclabos

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