Lipids in Raw Krill

Seasonal Variations.
Internal Working Material.
Not-Statistical Validated Average All Regions CCAMLR FAO 48).
Version R&D 2008 (Pub. 2008)

A different pattern on raw krill fat content was analyzed within end 2008 mid 2009 krill fishing seasons. Result shows a different pattern to Tharos’ 2006 research on raw South Antarctic krill lipid content, mainly on the extent of months where high-fat content can be found rather on the total fat content itself.

Raw krill fat content in the range of 4.0 to 6.0% w/w remains the “high-fat” level concept while 2.0 ~ 3.0 % w/w remains as the “low-fat” level range. The difference comes on the timing where such levels are found. While Tharos’ 2006 research shows highest levels within April and May of each season, (2008) 2009 data suggests that highest fat content can be found within May and August months, counting on the same fishing regions.