Mexico Accepts Tharos’ Patent for Krill Oil Extraction Technology

Logo_Tharos_fondotranspMexico has granted intellectual protecting rights to Tharos’ «Solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral enriched krill oils» patented process.

Mexico becomes 13th national patent for Tharos’ unique krill oil extraction process that uses an 100% solvent and chemical free extraction principle, processing raw fresh krill directly at-sea, with a negligible carbon footprint, zero oxidation, fresh and stable, different to any of current extraction processes that start either from dried krill meal, frozen krill or a complex of proteins and lipids, all of them using solvents at any step of said process.

  • Is your krill oil high on residual solvents and contaminants?
  • Is your krill oil pure or blended?
  • Does your krill come from a known brand?, is it displayed on the product you buy at your store?

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