Nutraceutical, Food and Feed Industry Projects

Tharos’ professional activities cover a wide range of activities related to the nutraceutical, food and feed industries, including:

  1. Business plan development
  2. Appraisal and business evaluations
  3. Market research
  4. Financial evaluations

Within these areas, Tharos has been involved in various projects.
Our involvement in krill projects is extensive, covering but not limited to ample activities such as:

  1. On-board engineering, sales and marketing and quality assurance programs (HACCP & ISO).
  2. (2007-2009) Murmansk Trawl Fleet/Ocean Trawlers (Russian/Hong Kong) – Russian krill fishing operation, first since USSR end of its operations.
  3. (2007-2008) Neptune Biotechnologies and Bioressources (Canada) – Working agreements and operative alliances on krill end-products’ supply and quality assurance programs with Polish operation (Dalmor S.A.), Korean (Insung Corp), Russian (Murmansk Trawl Fleet) and Norwegian (Aker Biomarine), among others.
  4. (2007-2008) Insung Corporation (Korea) – Human-grade whole frozen krill R&D and product development.
  5. (2004-2008) Interrybflot (Ukraine) – Ukrainian Krill fishing operation.
  6. (2004) Skretting/Nutreco (Norway) – Skretting’s representative on its alliance with Aker Biomarine (at that time Norway Seafoods).
  7. (1999-2003) Top Ocean Inc. (USA) – First USA fishing involvement in South Antarctic krill fishing
  8. (1995-1998) FRAMECO (Russian and USA partnership) – South Antarctic krill operation with former USSR operators and USA investors.
  9. (1989-1996) Tepual S.A./Inual S.A. (Chile) – Business alliance with former USSR krill fishing fleet operating from Montevideo (Uruguay) and Punta Arenas (Chile)


  1. (1997-1999) Chile-Cuba Frozen Mackerel Marketing Strategies and Sales Activities (Tres Lirios S.A./Caribex S.A.). First Chilean large-project development for frozen mackerel exports for the island which later triggered freezing infrastructure investments in Chile above the US$150MM level.
  2. (1996-1997) Surimi related project (Aker RGI/American Seafoods] Hake Fishing/Surimi Manufacturing project). Team member for the F/T “American Monarch” US$65 Million investment project originally targeting Chilean hake (at that time through its associated company American Seafoods).
  3. (1997) Aker RGI/American Seafoods trawler’s appraisal for trawler swap (substitution) under Chilean Fishing Law (FT “Gualas”; FT “San Rafael”; FT “Yin Yang”).
  4. (1996) Fundacion Chile R&D Institute – Russian Market Research for Chilean frozen mackerel business development.
  5. (1991-1992) Pesquera El Golfo, Pesquera Bio-Bio and Pesquera San Pedro [today owned by Pesquera Coloso S.A.] – New Sales and Operational Concepts” project through sales, operations & overall logistic joint venture and joint-coordination on fish meal and canned fish sales and shipping for world markets (1989-1991) Pesquera San Pedro S.A./Aguas Claras S.A. – Sales and distribution office & market introduction of salmon and trout in the US market through import and distribution office set-up and management.