Omega-3 study aims to give Soldiers a cognitive advantage

USArmyThis is a real breakthrough for the Omega3 category in general, and krill oils in particular.

The US Army is starting a study that will determine if omega-3 supplementation improves cognitive processes in high-performing warfighter, krill oil specifically.
The Aug.2016-May/Jun.2018 study has been named “The Ranger Resilience and Improved Performance on phospholipid bound Omega-3s“, conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina. It will study concepts such as decision-making, attention and impulsivity, if improved cognitive performances under stress can be obtained.

For those volunteering to be in the study, will have a fifty-fifty chance of being in the placebo or the experimental group. Everybody gets capsules. Some of the capsules have macadamia nut oil in them and others have krill oil in them. The krill oil is very high in omega-3s. Macadamia nut oil has no omega-3s.

Capt. Jeffrey Weismann indicated that “It’s extremely important for all of our combat arms leaders to be able to exercise cognitive dominance, because it is no longer just a matter of getting to the front lines, of getting to the fight. They now have to be able to make potentially, not only life-altering, but strategic decisions at the lowest levels at the front lines while physically exhausted“.

See here the US Army news.

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