Raw Krill Coloration and Sizing Patterns (2004)

South Antarctic raw krill shows clear color patterns throughout the season.  Whitish and reddish colors are available and the entire range between them. Each operator’s production goal will determine which is the most suitable coloration for its final production target.  Classifications abound depending if talking about, for example, carapace or stomach content.
Typical classification has classes depending on carapace color: (a) Red (pink);
(b) Light Green; (c) Green; (d) Dark Green.
Commercially, color also goes in relation to size classifications that also depend on operators; Example (1) – Size 3L 50mm+ 2L 45-50mm; L 35-44mm; M 21-34mm; S 20mm-.  Example (2) – Size (1) 45mm; Size (2) 40-44mm; Size (3) 35-39mm; Size (4) 34mm-. Classification A03 more than 65% size (1); Classification A02 more than 60% sizes 1 + 2; Classification A01 less than 60% sizes (1) + (2) and more than 40% sizes (3) and (4); Classification A00 less than 60% sizes (1) + (2) and more than 40% sizes (3) and (4) and more than 20% size (4). And so on.


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