Solvent risks in your krill oil

July 6th 2020

Dear friends and colleagues.

In June 2019, South Korean health authorities recalled several krill oil brands as these were found to have solvents residues above standards, solvent at all banned, plus other nasty chemicals.

We published news on this matter, including brands names, on June 20th and June 25th 2020.

Needless to say that the solvent residual problem is a reminder of whats happening with solvents in general used in the krill oil extraction.

Our news brought a big wave of questions for material to read about solvents, regulations, risks and allowed limits.

Please find herewith useful information on this matter:

a) US Pharmacopeia – GC 467 Residual-Solvents


c) European Medicines Agency

d) Technische Hilfsstoff-Verordnung

e) US Pharmacopeia – Dietary Supplements