Nutraingredients: Wasted Potencial? FAO review highlights food and feed uses for fish and selfish by-products

Sin títuloA recent article published by  citing FAO research, emphasizes the significant importance of treating large amounts of fish and shellfish precession waste.
It is not only a mandatory action due to environmental considerations, but also on its direct impact in the financial outcome of marine-related operations.
Although improving the use of fish processing waste has been a core focus of the industry for many years, somehow we have not achieved this target at an extent that it is economically viable.
The time is ripe for this.  The article adds on the importance to run waste-processing directly at sea, action that will impact EBITDA several times above waste processing onshore.
This is what Tharos has achieved on its novel krill at-sea extraction process where the entire species is processed on-board factory trawlers with no waste thrown overboard.  The process generates directly at-sea highly valuable biological compounds.
Tharos’ core concept, with its patented technology, states that molecules with commercially interesting properties are generally cheaper and more stable when manufactured where the fishing takes place.
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