Why Hydrolysis ?? (2008)

Several questions were Tharos’ primary understanding focus; (a) Why make on-board (or on-shore) hydrolysates instead of dried meals?; (b) Why should someone bother doing this?; (c) What is the value of breaking down proteins into smaller pieces?. Key aspects considered were that hydrolysis increases digestibility; physical effect of small hydrolyzed pieces easy travelling in water; flavor intensified effect; market price effect and last but not least that the process of hydrolysis can be manipulated to manufacture a variety of products. We are proposing that the suggested full name of the process is “protein hydrolysis”, reflecting any process in which the flesh is broken down by protein-digesting enzymes. Those enzymes may be present naturally in the viscera of the material being digested, or they may be purchased commercially and added during the process. Tharos research has shown relevant conclusions regarding enzymatic-hydrolysis, process at present on the verge to become the standard for onboard krill hydrolysis, a very costly solution indeed.


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Dimitri Sclabos
Dimitri Sclabos

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