Reports on Tharos Krill Oil reports on Tharos’ groundbreaking krill oil extraction technology. Article at –

USPTO Publishes New Tharos IP

The United States Patent and Trademark Office just published last Tharos IP for its Solvent-Free Krill Oil Extraction Process. Visit- read more

GOED´s consumer website

As part of the GOED omega-3 coalition, GOED has officially launched a consumer website at The site is designed to be an independent read more

A Bright Future for Krill

March, 2011 By Mike Urch, SeafoodSource contributing editor 
Krill was hailed as the “star of the show” at the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED) conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the end of January.
Delegates we…

Enzymotec EU Novel Food Approval

Regulation EC N° 258/97 concerning novel foods and novel food ingredients Notification pursuant to Article 5 of the above mentioned Regulation Lipid extract from Antarctic Krill

Lipids in Raw Krill

Seasonal Variations. Internal Working Material. Not-Statistical Validated Average All Regions CCAMLR FAO 48). Version R&D 2008 (Pub. 2008) A different read more

Lipids in Raw Krill

Seasonal Variations. Internal Working Material. Average All Regions CCAMLR FAO 48). Version R&D 2006 (Pub. 2006). South Antarctic raw krill read more

Whole Frozen Krill

Basic Information. Basic quality patterns are described, not necessarily similar neither match all whole round krill producers.   WholeFrozenKrill.BasicInformation

Frozen Krill Meats

Nutritional Information and Quality Parameters (2005). Cannedor frozen krill meats hold similar quality parameters although presentation and marketable conditions differ read more

Price Predictive Model

Econometrical Mathematical Model. Feed-Grade Krill Meal and Krill Oil Price Estimate (2003). The present research developed an FOB price-predictive model read more

Heavy Metals

Guidance Document. EU Commission Directorate-Document SCFCAH-SAN/04-2003/8/001 (2003). EU’s 2003 report on heavy metals and undesirable compounds. This document covers two read more

Krill Oil Stability

  Research 1997-1998.    Tharos has tested several krill oil working procedures, among them storage stability performance of on-board processed read more