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Unlock the potential or biohacking movement

Are you ready to embark on an innovative investment journey that unlocks the potential of the biohacking market and revolutionizes the world of dietary supplements?  Look no further. Krill Life, an initiative by Tharos, a pioneer in sustainable krill oil extraction and nutrient extraction from marine waste, offers an unparalleled opportunity for forward-thinking investors like you.

Key benefits as investor:

Sustainability and circularity:

Solvent-free marine oil extraction process that works directly where the resource is.


Establish a foothold in a market with immense growth potential, fueled by the increasing popularity of biohacking and personalized health solutions, where cutting-edge science meets new-demand. It captures an ever-growing share of the health-conscious consumer base.

Financial ratios:

Positive financial returns even in the most stressful market conditions. ​


Prevent greenwashing, elevating your personal and company brand by aligning with a cutting-edge, sustainable, and health-focused company.

Don't miss this chance to become a part of Krill Life, where innovation, sustainability, and performance converge.

Join us in our mission to redefine the dietary supplement landscape and unleash the power of krill oil for a healthier, more vibrant future.