Achieving the unthinkable

The best high-end B2B and B2C products derived from krill

The future of krill oil

Unique technology for sustainable and clean krill oil production

In harmony with nature

The right way to produce the best supplement for a better world

We do not only believe in a much cleaner and better world….

We make it happen, and cost efficiently.

Who we are

Dreamers and stubborn believers

Tharos is a world known award-winning krill consultant, in addition to in-house proprietary processes, R&D,, a third oil extraction patent to be filed, and a strong new products and technologies pipeline.

Unique technology

Extracts pure krill oil through a cost-effective and cleaner process.

Manufactured onboard

Produces krill at-sea, in less than 2 hours becomes final

Our specialities

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Tharos consulting leads in market analysis and project execution by providing highly experienced professionals and on-site working teams.


Patented process that extracts cost-effective, cleaner and pure krill oil manufactured onboard, at-sea, directly from where raw fresh krill is captured. Raw Krill is processed in less than two hours from catch


Tharos own personnel assigned onsite performing various tasks: i. Laboratory ii. Quality control iii. Processing engineering set-up and control iv. Process control for oil, meal, frozen meats, hydrolysates, etc. v. Proprietary lab analytical methodologies


Tharos team includes business management and techincal expertise. Specialists in foreign corporations representations, trading and brokerage.

R & D

Project Evaluation, financial analysis, business plan development, market research, consulting process, process and products development and In-House and contracted DoE Design of Experiments.

Sales & Marketing

Business and clients development, sales within top-tier accounts for the entire output.

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