Who we are

With over 30 years in the krill industry, 2 world patents and operations in Northern Atlantic (North Arctic) and South Antarctic krill fisheries, Tharos is pioneer in developing the world’s first entirely on-board and solvent free krill oil extraction technology. Tharos is a world known krill consultant and krill oil and meal producers in the krill and fish industry in addition to in-house proprietary process and products development.

This unique technology extracts pure krill oil through a cost-effective and cleaner process. Tharos produces Krill oil entirely manufactured onboard, at-sea, whereas in less than 2 hours from capture the oil becomes final onboard. There is no need for any further purification or extraction

The process

Tharos owns 2 patented process that extracts cost-effective, cleaner and pure krill oil manufactured onboard, at-sea, directly from where raw fresh krill is captured.

Tharos process tested on marine waste, such as salmon and giant squid viscera, obtained 100% clean and chemical-free food and feed grade oils and meals.