CCAMLR Latest Krill Fishery Resolution

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MONGABAY’s just reported on latest CCAMLR’s decision about the South Antarctic krill and other species fisheries, which can be read here.

It basically follows past years’ CCMLR meetings outcome, with the krill fishery facing most of the scrutiny. None of the effort made by all the stakeholders involved in this fishery, science included, seems to be taken into consideration by the same scientific community. It is not only world’s best managed fishery, but also the one having the largest areas of either protected, or no-fishing activities. 

Future annual meetings will be much more contested, possibly the consensus-decision taking approach scraped, and the entire South Antarctic well balanced science-commercial activities clashing each other. Even more when the coming revision of the original Antarctic Treaty is re-visited.

Tharos has extensively reported on these issues, and how geo-political matters will dominate the scene, and CCAMLR future decisions. Please visit our News and Reports Section for more about this. 

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November 14 2022 

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