Aquatic Species Sustainability. Impact on Omega 3 Supply

SSIThis is a report issued by Supply Side Insights in collaboration with GOED.

It gives a short snapshot of the Omega-3s-industry and aquatic sustainability principles.

Consumer media has been known to portray a bleak picture of marine resource depletion but in reality only about 4 percent of all ocean-harvested fish goes into omega-3 applications such as supplements, foods and pharmaceuticals.

Despite the challenges of implementing uniform sustainability measures across international waters, governmental, scientific, business and advocacy groups are uniting in increasing measure to support responsible fisheries.

This report sees current situation of anchovies and alternative species such as salmon, cod, krill and algae.

Anchovy oil is by far the largest raw material source for omega-3s, supplying almost 80 percent of the oil used. The bulk of the anchovy business is sourced from a fishery in Peru, although there are smaller fisheries in Chile and Morocco as well.

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