China Krill Oil Sales


Tharos’ 2009~2011 Chinese krill oil market research showed a small-volume market with a steady 2-digit annual growth rate.  The former has grown 3-time as much, with new brands and higher tonnage traded in China. The latter remains on the 2-digit CAGR as of Q1.2014.

Although the number of brands shown on the Q2 2011 report were limited compared the USA and EU markets, new brands launched from mid/end 2011 till 2013 enriched the Chinese krill oil market with various qualities, prices and formulations.

Such aggressive market penetration has no direct parallel with the quality of the oil.   Several brands have poor labeling practices, qualities that do not resemble what the market demands, solvent residues not informed on the label, less content of key compounds, for example phospholipids, etc.

This situation will hamper the launch of new brands and negatively affect the category if such practices prevail.

Chinese Q2.2011 report seen at – Antarctic Krill Oil Sales (China Q2 2011)


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