Dried Krill Meal Processing Options


Ukraine (2003). 


Dried krill meal processing follow different layouts depending on owners processing decisions.  Ukrainian process follows long-known cooking-press-drying concepts added to antioxidant and milling principles.  New on-board processing technologies are being studied and soon to be applied (e.g. Norwegian contherm + decanter + drying) which we expect might not be able to compete in quality to Ukrainian simpler low-cost processing. Ukrainian layout is also applied onboard Korean and Japanese trawlers (early/mid 2000s). The resulting quality is highly appreciated by the market. We do not expect that very high-cost new meal processing will bring with it higher prices as we estimate that the resulting quality will not match what this low-cost operations bring. We expect that main differences will primarily rely on fat content.
Processing specifics differ each other and of course equipment complexity, being new on-board technologies more complex to operate.


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Dimitri Sclabos
Dimitri Sclabos

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