GOED reports some goods news on Omega3’s


tituloGOED recently reported that two scientific studies with important significance were recently published.  One of the studies was looking at the relationship between omega-3 status and coronary heart disease. The other, a study using real hospitalization costs of infant births.

The first CHD paper was published in JAMA Internal Medicine positively correlating EPA, DPA and DHA consumption with a reduction in coronary death where the highest blood count of EPA and DHA were associated with 30% and 13% reductions, respectively, in non-fatal heart attack risk.

The second study, published in Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, estimate a public health cost savings of supplementing all pregnant women with DHA. They found that providing 600mg of DHA per day for two trimesters to every pregnant mother in the US could provide a potential public health savings of $5.84 billion. A recent meta-analysis showed an even greater effect that could push the savings as high as $10 billion.

For all those who are involved in this beautiful Omega3 community, the message is that we must excel on our daily work spreading the good news this industry brings regularly to human health and prevention.

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