Krill Oil Carbon Footprint

Dear friends

Acknowledging your interest for us to expand on sustainability matters, krill oil carbon-footprint in particular, we have addressed some of your questions for you to take home. 

We are including THAROS’ process carbon-footprint and its value chain.

Please read our latest 9-page report addressing most of your questions:

  1. Tharos’ Krill Oil CO2 footprint and value chain
  2. Efficiency markers
  3. How about extracting krill oil from frozen raw krill?
  4. Is producing krill oil at-sea the best idea?
  5. Are green solvents the solution for current krill oil extraction models?


Please read report here.



August 3rd 2021

Dimitri Sclabos
Dimitri Sclabos

Founder and Co-owner