Misleading krill oil buyers?

THAROS Solvent-Free Krill Oil


Dear consumers, thanks for your many messages wanting to know more about which krill oil brand(s) to buy. We work hard every day to bring you sound knowledge on your krill oil buying decisions.

You are correct to question how true Gobiotix’s newly released Icelandic krill oil brand message is. Based on the facts we have listed for you, we doubt there is any Icelandic krill oil in there. It is fair to ask;

  1. Which is the name of the Icelandic krill oil manufacturer, and the Icelandic krill fishing region?
  2. Assuming it is not Icelandic krill oil, does the (real) krill oil supplier knows how its krill oil is branded?
  3. Which are the ethical (not to mention legal) implications promoting
    a product that it is not entirely what it says to be, for the brand and for the (real?) krill oil supplier?
  4. Are there other krill oils brands sold, for example, through well known marketplaces having the same misleading offering?

Please come and join us to know which are the 12 facts that sustain our doubts this is Icelandic krill oil. Please read here.

Picture of Dimitri Sclabos
Dimitri Sclabos

Founder and Co-owner