Why it is Better to Manufacture Phospholipid’s Enriched Krill Oils At-Sea

Tharos’ (at sea) krill oil extraction process opens a new category in the Omega-3 industry. 

Tharos keeps encouraging its customers to be informed of what type of krill oil they consume, who’s the manufacturer, if the label gives clean and accurate information, how it was processed and if the richness of the raw krill was well preserved. 

 All current krill oils are manufactured on-land, very far from where the raw fresh krill was firstly captured and processed.

 At present, all traded krill oils are not processed from raw fresh krill. Quite on the contrary.  Krill oils come from materials previously processed at-sea, from where krill oil is finally extracted on land using solvents;

  • From dried krill meal = Aker’s Superba + Enzymotec’s K-Real® + some Chinese brands
  • From pelletized protein/lipids complex = Olympic’s Rimfrost Sublime
  • From frozen krill = Neptune’s NKO® + some Chinese brands 

There is at present no high-quality, phospholipids enriched krill oils that are high in EPA and DHA plus high natural antioxidants as astaxanthin that are manufactured entirely on-board (at-sea) from fully and traceable freshly captured raw krill, with a process that it is 100% chemical and solvent-free. 

Full report at Why phospholipids-enriched krill oils should be manufactured at-sea (on board)(F)


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