Will South Antarctic krill MPAs open the door to other MPAs around the globe?

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Seafoodsource has thankfully followed a topic that’s monopolizing the South Antarctic krill fishery; Marine Protected Areas (MPAs.) How current MPAs are managed, and the new ones that are been discussed, will impact how the krill fishery will look in the years to come. 

Seafoodsource has followed Tharos’s opinion on matters that affect the South Antarctic krill fishery, MPAs one of them, alongside insurgents’ impact in the fishery, NGO’s vs. the krill industry, etc., some articles seen here

Seafoodsource expands its coverage on USA’s focus to expand worldwide MPAs beyond the icy waters of the Antarctic Peninsula. Somehow it is sent to ashes the several years’ of hard work done by the industry to limit its impact in the krill fishery, the mammoth amount of science that backs this extremely well managed fishery, and the superb work done by the body that manages the fishery, CCAMLR. 

We want to remind our readers and consumers that this is a fishery that takes less than 1% of the recorded biomass, it has extremely strict fishing regulations, the industry has to apply every year for limited fishing quotas, it has mandatory surveyors on-board, vessels are tracked by satellite monitoring, new vessels limiting their carbon footprint…. and so on…. so remain faithful on krill products, and keep on feeding your families with this nutritious food.

For the many of you who ask us about the future of the South Antarctic krill fishery, needless to say that it will remain part of the Antarctic landscape. The hype on its future is politics at its best.

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June 22 2021

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