Interviews Tharos about Krill Oil extraction process

CapturaRevolutionary solvent-free extraction process for krill oil Tharos Ltd has recently filed what it expects to be a new and revolutionary way to extract the highest possible quality krill oils. The patented process will significantly reduce production costs and its price to end consumers. Whether the processing takes place within krill’s low-fat capture season or high-fat (or fatty) capture season, the resulting end products are of the highest quality in terms of Omega-3s, phospholipids and natural antioxidant content. By contrast, all actual fishing operations that target krill oil extraction, generally use solvent extraction procedures and are limited to operating at specific parts of each season in order to obtain a raw material to later extract krill oils.

How it works.

The invention discloses a no-solvent (nor chemicals) extraction principle used to extract the oil. This new process obtains simultaneously phospholipids and neutral lipids enriched krill oils containing DHA and EPA poly-unsaturated fatty acids and astaxanthin. This invention provides two distinctive and selective krill oils and also discloses a krill meal obtained by this modified process that contains low fat content, in all cases these products are used as health products for human application.

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