Australia expands Tharos’ patent reach


Australia has granted Tharos a new patent for its unique solvent-free krill extraction process. The Australian Commissioner of Patents has granted the patent dated 2 May 2019, certifying that the Tharos concept has been registered in the Register of Patents.

Tharos krill oil is the only krill oil that can be manufactured at-sea as it does not use any type of solvents nor chemicals. It assures 100% freshness as the oil is manufactured entirely at-sea in less than 2 hours after krill has been captured.

Name and address of patentee(s): Tharos Ltd. of Onofre Jarpa 10107 La Reina, Santiago 7860084 Chile.

Title of invention: Solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral enriched krill oils using melting and evaporation.



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