Frozen Krill Meats

Nutritional Information and Quality Parameters (2005).


Cannedor frozen krill meats hold similar quality parameters although presentation and
marketable conditions differ each other. While frozen meats have a light marine and sweet flavor, combined with a fresh-marine odor and light-pink/whitish color, canned meats have a bit stronger smell and taste combined with a lighter white coloration, in line with its processing layout. Frozen krill meats show a better marketing positioning in line with more demanding markets, either on the white-table cloth market niche or specialty food ingredients. Canned meats remain linked to its long-lasting market in the hands of Russia, Ukraine and closer markets. Protein content, in both presentations, is in the range of 18% and 100 Kcal per 100g. Krill meat have a good Omega-3 content
(circa 28%) combined with powerful phospholipids. Krill meat is an extremely flexible product for the use of endless recipes.


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