Is there a bias in the media coverage against Omega3s health attributes?

tituloWe are of the opinion that media channels disseminating vast negative articles against the Omega3 community is not a random pattern, rather a concerted plan to discredit the Omega 3 category, and eventually the entire dietary supplement industry.

Why some of the scientific and medical journals conclusions are flawed:

1. The review of the evidence is shallow and incomplete, and covers only a small fraction of the existing body of scientific knowledge.

2. The published body of research overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that EPA and DHA play an important role in the prevention and treatment of diseases. A large majority of publications on interventional trials involving EPA/DHA find a positive effect.

3. By restricting the media to a small number of non-representative journals, the authors ended up reviewing a small and biased slice of the existing evidence.

GOED’s press release on this matter is enlightening. Please visit full report at

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