Second Hand Marine Oil Processing Plants for Sale

Dear Colleagues

For those aiming to start your fish oil and meal R&D and/or processing as soon as possible, we have what you need. Two second-hand processing plants and one state-of-the-art analytical laboratory are for sale.

1. Danish-built 100-150 k/hr input capacity

One food-grade Danish-built (plus custom-made equipment) processing plant. With 100-150 k/hr input capacity, exceptionally well fitted for R&D. It includes collecting tanksseparators, and its own control panel. It ran trials in the South Antarctic krill fishery, and on-land pharma-grade solvent-free oil extraction trials from marine waste. The plant is currently dismantled inside a 40′ HQ container, which is included in the sales package. 

2. Norwegian-built 350-500 k/hr processing capacity

One plug-and-play food/pharma-grade Norwegian-built plant installed inside 2 x 40′ containers. It is ready to use with 350-500 k/hr input processing capacity used in a commercial-sized North Atlantic krill fishery operation. Built in Norway following Tharos’ patented solvent-free phospholipids-enriched krill oils extraction model. Among its superb equipment, it includes its own nitrogen-generation station and control panels. This unique proposal includes a state-of-the-art laboratory containing HPLC, GC, and a rotavapor, among other lab equipment. 

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Dimitri Sclabos
Dimitri Sclabos

Founder and Co-owner