Tech Savy Omega-3s


SupplySide has published a very interesting report on tech savy omega-3s in cooperation with GOED.

“Global sales of omega-3 finished products are expected to hit US$34.5 billion by 2016. With this type of growth, the industry is working overtime to find fresh sources of omega-3s—algae, krill, land-based sources, etc.—and working tirelessly to overcome challenges with stability, delivery, taste and more in functional foods and beverages via intelligent technology.” (…) “As the omega-3s market expands, newer sources such as algae are expanding even further with a greater number of companies exploring commercialized production.” (By Alissa Marrapodi)

Read the full report to learn about,

– The challenges with new omega-3s sources.

– Overcoming odor, taste, solubility and more in clear beverages and functional foods.

– Meeting consumers´wants with new deliverables and concentrated doses.

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