Take a look on consumer’s attitude towards sustainability and Omega3s

As recently published by GOED, FMCG Gurus presented a webinar on global consumer attitudes towards sustainability last week. Interesting findings for the omega-3 space included:
  • 54% of global consumers are concerned with marine life species going extinct — the fourth greatest concern among the concerns listed on the survey.
  • A majority of consumers think brands and retailers should do more to protect the environment. Branded marine life welfare initiatives were not, however, high on the list of things consumers look for when shopping for food, drinks or supplements. The study also found that consumers are more likely to accept a non-sustainable product than actively boycott it.
  • 14% of consumers listed reducing or eliminating fish from their diet among recent positive sustainable changes they’ve made — a small percentage compared to other options like reducing food waste and buying local.

See here the entire presentation.

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