Update Krill Industry Overview (v.April 2013)

This is the continuation of Tharos’ May 2012 abstract on the status of the South Antarctic krill industry.

This an expanded summary of the report titled “Update Krill Industry Overview.  South Antarctic Krill Derivative Suppliers“.

South Antarctic krill capture remained close to 130 000 tons in 2012 and should not be less than that in 2013.  Although the 2013 krill fishing season is still running, fishing conditions remains rather similar to those found in the 2012 season.

The growth on fishing permits allocated by CCAMLR is an indication on how healthy the South Antarctic krill fishery is.  Since the 90s, krill fishing allowance, granted by CCAMLR, has not seen other route than growth. Alongside this trend, CCAMLR has put more effort defining new conservation areas and increasing MPA’s.

Krill meal prices have increased substantially in the past few years.  How sustainable this growth is remains to be seen.  As krill meal prices are linked to other aqua-feed ingredients, krill meal price curve is not a fixed-growing one. If the mid to late 90s market conditions are taken as a benchmark, pricing strategies have to be carefully designed.

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Dimitri Sclabos
Dimitri Sclabos

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