Yes….. There are More Products Beyond Krill Meal and Oil

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Needless to say, thank you…. once again thanks our loyal followers, mostly end consumers so eager to learn about krill, its end products, health benefits, the science, and what to buy. 

Beyond the narrative that krill meal and oil dominates the krill landscape, and our more than 4 decades witnessing first hand how this wonderful species has traveled with us, this first report series takes us back to the 80s, at the inception of the krill meat category, prices and volumes.

Have you ever tasted the delicacy, freshness, healthy and purity krill meat offers?

It is a 1 to 2-cm length de-shelled, be-headed krill. It is primarily a slightly cooked meat, delicate seafood, whitish colored, 100% free of additives and solvents. It is currently processed very fresh on-board factory vessels in less than 2 hours after capture, then kept frozen throughout the entire value chain until reaching final consumers as-is or canned.

More than 35 recipes and photos are ready for you to expand your cooking ideas.

We are ready to share the report with our clients and subscribers. Here the table of content. 

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September 7 2021


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