Finally….the time has come to get rid of cheaters!


US FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition published the results of an analysis of 22 commercial krill oil supplements available in the US market. It reported that ten products (45%) contained significant amounts of fatty acid-ethyl esters (FAEE.)

Natural levels of FAEE in krill oil are low (<3% by weight) and these ten products contained 41-75% of the oil weight as them without declaring them on the label. Additionally, the report states that the FAEE contributed 40-167% of the labeled content of EPA and DHA, and that the declared phospholipid levels (21±7% of serving weight) were lower than typically found in krill oil (39±6% of serving weight). These results suggest that a significant portion of krill oil supplements in the US are actually blends of krill oil with undeclared FAEE rich in EPA and DHA

After US FDA’s report, category leader posted a letter explaining its participation in FDA’s work, clarifying who’s who. This is a good opportunity to clean the market from sub-standard quality krill oils. It is good to have the category leader “leading” this quest.

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