Krill Oil Extraction Companies

Quality and Model Comparisons (2007).

All actual relevant krill oil extracting corporations have been analyzed in order to evaluate; (a) Quality of end-products; (b) Residual solvents which affects end-quality; (c) Market potential; (d) Business model applicability for the long-term sustainability. Companies involved in krill oil extraction work mainly through solvent-extraction principles processed on-shore from either raw krill or dried krill meal, both supplied by various operators. In almost all of them prevail the solvent-extraction principle and/or a combination of Supercritical CO2 plus solvent extraction such as (a) Nutrizeal; (b) Aker Biomarine; (c) Neptune technologies; (d) Enzymotec. Other analyzed companies were Triple Nine, AquaSource, Nutrimarine, etc. Some companies have published processing layouts targeting pure krill oil and/or chemical-free krill oils, which Tharos has followed the veracity of what “pure” krill oil means versus “mixed krill oils” formulations. In not all cases the value proposal match quality performance. Tharos 44-page report scrutinized such value proposal.


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