Hydroacoustic Assessment of Krill – Area 58 (Indian Ocean)

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We want to thank the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IO PAN), for their kindness sharing this past research in the krill fishery. The Institute of Oceanology was founded in 1983 in order to communicate the scientific understanding of the marine environment and the issues related to its protection and sustainable use.

On the basis of acoustically registered krill swarms along a 1 097nm transect in the area 58 of the Indian Ocean Sector of Antarctic region, the biomass density of krill, their spatial and depth distribution are presented. Presence of krill was not observed north of 60°00′ lat. 

One of the 1996 report conclusions, is that during the season the biomass available in the region is low which is very less in comparing with Atlantic Sector of Antarctic region.

Comparing the mean densities estimated from FIBEX acoustic survey for the West Atlantic sector and for the Indian Ocean: West Atlantic sector = 42.36ton km-2 and Indian Ocean sector below 62″s = 3.74ton km-2, around 11 times more krill abundance in area 48.

On a 1:1 comparison, largest biomass was obtained in area 48.3 at 59.73g-2 vs. area 58.4.2 at 2.29gm-2, a 26x difference. 

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