Why Some Want to Stop the South Antarctic Krill Fishery, And Why They are Wrong

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In the past few weeks several apocalyptic prophecies have made the headlines anticipating a collapse of the South Antarctic krill fishery. Coincidently, when CCAMLR’s October/November annual meeting is approaching, similar news abounds, historically.

This time the heat has gone up to the level to ask for a full closure of the South Antarctic krill fishery, dump decades of the best science, forgetting the involvement of top-grade universities and research centres, having the best run fishery managed by CCAMLR, fishing companies ascribing to tougher regulations, a full closure of certain fishing areas, limitations on others, tough MPAs, and so many other regulatory obligations.

Now we face the “pandemic” news that, when one krill operator reports up to 35% less catch, as a tsunami, hell flames hit the news using this cyclical phenomenon as the omen of the end of “happy feet”.

Let’s put things in context as this is not the Wild Wild West;

  • The South Antarctic krill fishery is not a declining fishery.
  • This fishery is not dominated by the rule of the “strongest”.
  • It is far away from any Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU), fishing activity.
  • It has historically shown a cyclical fishing performance… yes, as 2021 season.
  • While one operator had a poor 2021 fishing season, others enjoyed a good one.
  • A fishing downturn and/or a one-year dip does not mean it will become a trend.
  • Operations using large trawlers/high capture models will face it harder.
  • Modeling a “systemic” 1 000ton per day catch effort trawler… remains elusive.
  • With 5-decades of catch record, efficiency-corrected, catch remain within known standards.
  • Latest research asserts how healthy this fishery is.
  • This is no other than bad politics today monopolizing the narrative.

See here the table of content of THAROS’ latest report showing why you should not take for granted all what has been published. In case interested, we have a free-copy waiting for you.

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September 28th 2021 

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