Korean Environmental Activists Call for Help to Stop Fisheries in Antarctica

TharosThis is the classic news focused on creating awareness based on very bad science.

In a press conference held at Hanvit Square in Seoul on April 23, two Korean NGO’s “The Citizens’ Institute for Environmental Studies” and the “Korean Federation for Environmental Movement“, are calling to help designate the Southern Ocean as a marine protected area (MPA), based on, according to both organizations, to the uncontrolled fishery of krill.

It is world known, and praised for that, that the Southern Ocean Krill Fishery regulatory body, CCAMLR, has done a remarkable work researching, protecting, advising and regulating the entire Southern Ocean fishery environment.

There is no such uncontrolled fishery, either for krill or any other marine species.  Quite the opposite.  There are stringent regulations that every country and fishing company follow.

Full press release at – http://koreabizwire.com/korean-environmental-activists-call-for-help-to-stop-fisheries-in-antarctica/34162

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