Residual Solvents: the Neglected Quality & Safety Attribute

chromadex(as JPG)This ChromaDex Company report addresses the current lack of attention to the identity and testing for residual solvents in ingredients and products within the Dietary Supplement industry.

Solvent extracted compounds, specifically in the area Tharos is heavily involved as it is in krill oils, is putting the supplement industry in jeopardy.

Residual solvents, as defined by the US Pharmacopeia, are organic volatile chemicals that are used to produce or are produced in the manufacture of drug substances, dietary ingredients and in the preparation of finished products, both pharmaceutical and dietary supplements. Often these chemicals are not completely removed by the manufacturing processes. Thus some level of residual solvents may be present in both the ingredients and finished products and their presence should be measured and justified.

Since residual solvents do not provide a benefit to the consumer, they should be removed to meet product specifications and good manufacturing practices.  Alternatively, not use solvents at all as Tharos thinks it is the best method, for krill oil extraction at least.

One thing is the absence of solvents, the other is how well they are analyzed to make it safer for the consumer.  And one of the reasons that residual solvent analysis is not being routinely performed may be due to the complexities of identifying the most appropriate test method for particular solvents.

Full report ChromaDex-Residual Solvents



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