Is it possible to cut krill fishing carbon footprint?


Yes !! Up to 7 times when krill’s “bioluminescence” effect is put in good practice. Norwegian NITG has a patented process that, when applied to its Northern krill fishing operation, no (long) trawling nets were required. If krill is attracted … Continue reading

OnBoard Lab Guarantees On-Site Quality


Having onboard a factory trawler at-sea analytics, it is the only way to assure that the best quality comes directly from the source. This is how Tharos manage its krill operations. Please visit this video to see how one of … Continue reading

Tharos Expands its Krill Processing Reach – Impact in the Value Chain


Northern (Arctic) and Southern (Antarctic) krill species are not alike. Key differences are found in phospholipids, pigment and Omega3 content, as well as wax esters, special lipid class, fatty acids ratios and processing yields. Having Tharos run its patented process … Continue reading

Tharos Expands its Patent Portfolio


Dear friends and colleagues. Tharos’ solvent-free krill/marine oil extraction process keeps expanding its patent portfolio. On January 2019 Australia granted exclusive rights for Tharos’ second patent applied to phospholipids/Omega3/astaxanthine-enriched krill oil obtained from fresh raw krill, entirely processed at-sea, onboard … Continue reading

Finally….the time has come to get rid of cheaters!


US FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition published the results of an analysis of 22 commercial krill oil supplements available in the US market. It reported that ten products (45%) contained significant amounts of fatty acid-ethyl esters (FAEE.) … Continue reading

When a research seems to be flawed!


A recent article published by Nutritional Outlook outlines why the so published Cochrane research is flawed. Do you remember that research?…check it here. Cochrane’s 730-page report outlines that increasing long-chain Omega-3s provides little if any benefit on most outcomes that … Continue reading

Omega-3′s Linked to Endocannabinoids – Link Between Fish Oil and Inflammation


Much has been said lately about the link between Omega3′s and cannabinoids, more specifically our own cannabinoids, the “endocannabinoids“. A thesis submitted in April 2012 to  fulfill the requirements for the degree of doctor at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) expands … Continue reading

Condition Indicators for Antarctic Krill – 2000 PhD Thesis


This is a 2000 South Korean PhD thesis addressing how South Antarctic krill manage its living in such harsh environment. The complexity was to find a reliable marker from where the resource can be evaluated. For example digestive enzymes, RNA … Continue reading

Confused if taking or not your daily Omega-3s?…keep with them !


Still confused if taking or not your daily Omega-3′s and vitamins based on recent conflicting news?… Keep with them! Following our recent post about Cochrane systematic review on Omega-3s and cardiovascular outcomes, bestselling author Dr. Joel Kahn just wrote “With … Continue reading

Distribution of Antarctic Krill and APEX Predators at South Orkney Islands (2014). Assessing Escape Mortality of Krill in Trawls


In 2014, the Norwegian Research Institute published an interesting report on its findings in the South Antarctic sea about krill fishing, escape from nets and biology. Worth review for those interested in this fishery. Please read at - Distribution of Antarctic … Continue reading

How’s your Omega-3 consumption lately?


Do you remain committed to have a good health? I certainly do. So Omega-3′s remain an important part of my daily routine. Why all this….A highly anticipated and controversial Cochrane systematic review of randomized clinical trials (RCTs) on Omega-3s and … Continue reading

How about enjoying a good heath through a wise recommendation?


Allow us help you have a better health….and a wonderful life with it….. The latest in GOED’s consumer video series is now available. The newest offering explains the differences between ALA, EPA and DHA and educates consumers about the importance … Continue reading

AWR and Antarctic Wildlife Protection


Goods news emerge from AWR for those involved in Antarctic commercial fishing, and NGO’s concerned on how these operations impact Antarctica’s wildlife. The AWR (The Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund) facilitates and promotes research on the Antarctic ecosystem, to ensure a … Continue reading

Brain Health?, Heart Health? Prenatal Health?


See these short videos to help you relieve some anxiety off your daily routine and learn how to have a bit better life. Prenatal: Heart health: Brain health:  

Is Antarctic Krill Management Precautionary?…..Part 3


Yes….but!!…there is still a road ahead to transit. Our latest report talks about how fishing regulations, commerce and geopolitical interests clash on the “Antarctic krill territory“. Tharos’ reviews November 2016 (latest) South Antarctic krill fishing regulations. They show that the industry, … Continue reading

Do you want to remember who you are while getting older….?


…myself…..yes indeed! This is the scope of a new study recently released by Aging and Disease. It expands on the importance of a balanced diet as recent evidence demonstrates that age and disease-related decline in cognition depends, among other things, … Continue reading

Want to now more about your eyes health?


GOED (GOED Omega-3 • Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3) has created its latest consumer infographic, focusing on the importance of omega-3s for eye health. Please visit and download the infographic from GOED’s AlwaysOmega3s consumer site.

Is Antarctic Krill Management Precautionary?…..Part 2


Yes, and how to better understand it ! This has been the primary goal of a multidisciplinary team of scientists and researchers, studying this species throughout a 90-year timeframe. The report addresses Antarctic krill and salps, both being major macroplankton contributors to … Continue reading

Is Antarctic Krill Management Precautionary?…..Part 1


Yes ! Local krill monitoring programs in Subareas 48.1, 48.2 and 48.3 indicate considerable interannual variability but provide no evidence of a systematic change in krill biomass since the CCAMLR-2000 Survey. Catches within subareas have always been ≤21% (and mainly … Continue reading

New IP Granted……Thanks China !

China Flag

We are very proud that our solvent-free krill oil has been granted our second patent in China. Thanks to our Chinese attorneys for their remarkable job. Thanks friends and colleagues for your constant support and willingness to work with us. … Continue reading

Tharos Expands its Patent Portfolio


Dear friends and colleagues. Our patented solvent-free krill/marine oil extraction process has reached new heights. Besides the patent rights granted some time ago in China and USA, now Canada, Israel, Chile, Peru and Rusia have been added to our portfolio. … Continue reading

Tharos Expands its Market Presence


Dear friends and colleagues. Once more many thanks for your continuous encouragement for us to excel in what we do, and deliver new products, supported by our patented solvent-free extraction process. Your demand for clean and cost-competitive phospholipids-enriched marine oils has … Continue reading

Eating Fish: What Pregnant Women and Parents Should Know

USA’s Food and Drug Administration FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency EPA have issued a useful advice regarding eating fish. This advice is geared toward helping women who are pregnant or may become pregnant – as well as breastfeeding mothers … Continue reading

GOED’s New Omega3 Video


Hello Friends. For those concerned on having a healthy life, GOED has developed a short new consumer video focusing on heart health. It is recommendable to see and share. The video was designed to highlight the recent GOED-sponsored meta-analysis linking … Continue reading

Tharos Krill Report: Production (Meal, Oil, Frozen) – Prices – China Situation


Dear colleagues, if you are searching for the latest on the South Antarctic krill fishery, China situation, market, production and price environment, see attached our latest report table of content. Ask us how to obtain this report. See here the … Continue reading

Krill oil tested on USA Military warfighters


Following Tharos’ August 18th news, reported on the US Army research using krill oil to treat various health issues of war-fighters. The research was launched on August 1st, ending between March and May, 2018. Within the research goals, krill … Continue reading

How the recently published NDI Draft will impact the supplement industry?


A tough impact according to some industry players based on FDA’s approach to the “supercritical extraction process”. expands on the recent NDI draft publication and its potential implication on the supplements world. Well known extracted compounds may find themselves … Continue reading

Will the South Antarctic krill fishery exist by end of this century?

AGU Publications

Not much of it as recently published on “Geophysical Research Letters“. This is a research made at the University of Yale by Andrea Piñones and Alexey Fedorov titled “Projected changes of Antarctic krill habitat by the end of the 21st … Continue reading

South Antarctic krill fishery remains the best managed fishery in the world


The Sustainable Fishery Partnership (SFP) released on Aug.22nd its annual sustainability overview of reduction fisheries for 2016. The overview covers twenty of the most significant fisheries used for the production of fishmeal and fish oil (with a total catch in excess … Continue reading

Omega-3 study aims to give Soldiers a cognitive advantage


This is a real breakthrough for the Omega3 category in general, and krill oils in particular. The US Army is starting a study that will determine if omega-3 supplementation improves cognitive processes in high-performing warfighter, krill oil specifically. The Aug.2016-May/Jun.2018 … Continue reading

The Omega-3 Family. Working Material. Chemistry and Particulars


We are proud to share with you one of Tharos’ technical reports on the Omega-3 family. This is an internal working material used to understand the chemistry, risks and benefits of Omega-3s. It includes the understanding of the overall Omega-3 … Continue reading

How threatening is the Chinese involvement in the Antarctic krill fishery?


A recent Nutraingredients article reviewed the extent and implications of the Chinese Government support to its growing fishing fleet targeting the South Antarctic krill fishery (Euphausia superba, Dana). Their focus being primarily food-grade dried krill meals, are used inland (in China) … Continue reading

How complex can be to sell your food ingredients in China?


How complex can be registering and selling non-Chinese food ingredients in China? please take a look here. In our opinion this complexity is not only related to a potential food or health hazard, but also used as a non-commercial way … Continue reading

Krill Oils in China


Sustaining past reports issued by Tharos, GOED just reported on its visit to UBM’s Health Ingredients China in Shanghai the three most prominent ideas regarding the Chinese market: (1) Regulatory Uncertainty: Although everyone awaits the new fast-track approval system the Chinese government … Continue reading

GOED reports some goods news on Omega3′s


  GOED recently reported that two scientific studies with important significance were recently published.  One of the studies was looking at the relationship between omega-3 status and coronary heart disease. The other, a study using real hospitalization costs of infant … Continue reading

GOED “meet a member” interviews Tharos’ CEO


Please come and join us to learn more about Tharos and the services it grants thanks to the interview GOED made to Tharos’ CEO Mr. Dimitri Sclabos K.

Finally Some Good Guidance – Canada Approves Health for EPA+DHA


On May 18, Health Canada’s Food Directorate announced the approval of an EPA/DHA triglyceride lowering health claim for foods containing at least 0.5 g (1.000mg) of EPA+DHA. This monograph is intended to serve as a guide to the industry for the … Continue reading

A reminder of what the says about Omega3′s


On its January 20 2016 publication, published a list of answers to common questions about omega-3s that consumers have. Besides some well known questions as “Are omega-3s really beneficial to heart health?” and “Besides heart health, what are other benefits … Continue reading

How much Omega3 daily consumption is enough?


At least 500mg (0,5gr) per day according to GOED, and almost three times that much according to Russian health authorities, while for the rest of the countries that have ventured applying such regulation, it falls around 250mg, as recently reported … Continue reading

Will the new farmed species feeding patterns impact negatively the food we eat?


It seems so as recently published by CBCnews in Canada. Click here to read the article. Many aquaculture sectors are shifting towards more and more plant-based fish feed, which will reduce the (healthy marine-origin) omega-3 content in finished seafood products. The topic has … Continue reading

Is it enough how the krill oil industry is reacting to the krill oil sales downturn?

Nutraingredients reports on current krill oil suppliers looking ways to overcome dismal krill oil sales, one of them through concentrated krill oil versions, as well as some specific offerings targeting eye heath for example. Poor krill oil sales, in our … Continue reading

China pumped around USD7,5 bn into seafood research


As recently published by, in the period 2011 – 2015, China spent CNY 50 billion (USD 7.5 billion, EUR 6.8 billion) on research projects in the fisheries sector in the five-year period from 2011 to 2015. This value includes … Continue reading

New biased article against Omega3


Another biased article, this time from Men’s Health US consumer magazine, alerts once more why such misleading publications make the forefront of the media while less prominent coverage is available on the good things Omega3′s bring to our health. Men’s Health … Continue reading

Is there a bias in the media coverage against Omega3s health attributes?


We are of the opinion that media channels disseminating vast negative articles against the Omega3 community is not a random pattern, rather a concerted plan to discredit the Omega 3 category, and eventually the entire dietary supplement industry. Why some … Continue reading

Krill Meal and Krill Oil – Price and Tonnage Competitiveness vs Other fishmeals/Oils


Tharos has released this report edited Q3.2015 updating crucial aspects regarding krill meal and oils, more specifically on price and tonnage aspects. Since this report was terminated, krill meal prices has faced a downtrend curve, as krill oils. The former … Continue reading Makes an Important Update on its Findings About Marine Oils

CL recently updated its research on marine oils on its Feb.16.2016 publication titled “Product Review: Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements Review (including Krill, Algae, Calamari, Green-lipped Mussel Oil)“. One of CL primary concerns come from labeling problems, and … Continue reading

Tharos Quality Accomplishment, Krill Oil Industry Update and the Chinese Perspective


This new Tharos report explores on the current status of the krill oil industry, China, Tharos technology achievements and industry challenges. It expands on latest prices. See full report Tharos Update (Ed.Dec.2015)-Krill Oil Industry Update and China

Is there a hidden agenda against the Omega3 industry?


Much has been said on The Frontline program on Dietary Supplements featuring a portion on omega-3s aired on Tuesday, January 19th  2016 which triggered various industry responses, including an article by Adam Ismail. There was also a retraction by CBC regarding … Continue reading

Tharos technology applied to offal


Wordfishing reports latest news on Tharos’ solvent-free oil krill oil extraction technology.  Although it was originally developed for krill, now it is expanding its scope towards aqua farmers and fishing companies looking for ways to add value to their once … Continue reading

China and its krill industry


As published by Seafood Source, the Chinese government has trimmed subsidies and it is now largely down to the krill operators themselves to maximize revenues and profitability using the best available technologies in order to compete with Western krill products. … Continue reading

Why is krill oil better than fish oil for health?


Just published by the, it addresses why krill oils are better for human health than fish oils. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for optimum health, but humans do not naturally produce this fatty acid. We need to consume foods … Continue reading

Omega-3 Fish Oil Products – An Update on the Quality of Australian and New Zealand Products

Omega3 Centre

What can you do in the face of a ‘flawed’ omega-3 research study? This report appeared on a recent article by Kevin Krail, Executive Director from the Australian and New Zealand Omega-3 Centre, appearing in Food Navigator. It addresses a … Continue reading

GOED’s New Infographic Material


GOED’s Communications Committee has completed its work on its latest consumer infographic, on omega-3s and brain health. The final product is the result of months of research and dialogue regarding the benefits of omega-3s on the brain throughout a person’s … Continue reading

n-3 Fatty acid derived endocannabinoids: a new link between fish oil and inflammation

Wageningen University

2012 Thesis by Mr. Michiel G.J. Balers expands on Omega 3′s fatty acid derived endocannabinoids as a new link between fish oil and inflammation. It is well established that dietary n-3 fatty acid intake is associated with anti-inflammatory effects. The … Continue reading Reports on Tharos Krill Oil

Captura reports on Tharos’ groundbreaking krill oil extraction technology. Article at -

Tharos South Antarctic Krill Business Overview


Tharos latest report outlines the South Antarctic Krill industry; its structure, who’s who and products.  Why krill oil is not yet called the most dominant krill product in terms of tonnage and revenue generation. Quite on the contrary, in tonnage … Continue reading



One small report co-written with Dr. Bibik and Dr. Vinnov from Ukraine regarding our view in 2007 about the krill oil business. Full report - Report Krill-Kerch:Tharos

Tharos’ Achievement on Krill Oil Quality


Tharos’ solvent-free process achievement, once commercial, will offer a superior krill oil quality. What explains Tharos’ krill oil value proposal:   1) Process entirely made with fresh raw krill: Tharos process occurs where the fishing operation takes place. Please see our report … Continue reading

USPTO Publishes New Tharos IP


The United States Patent and Trademark Office just published last Tharos IP for its Solvent-Free Krill Oil Extraction Process. Visit- More on Tharos at –

Mexico Accepts Tharos’ Patent for Krill Oil Extraction Technology


Mexico has granted intellectual protecting rights to Tharos’ “Solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral enriched krill oils” patented process. Mexico becomes 13th national patent for Tharos’ unique krill oil extraction process that uses an 100% solvent and chemical free … Continue reading

Why it is Better to Manufacture Phospholipid’s Enriched Krill Oils At-Sea


Tharos’ (at sea) krill oil extraction process opens a new category in the Omega-3 industry.  Tharos keeps encouraging its customers to be informed of what type of krill oil they consume, who’s the manufacturer, if the label gives clean and … Continue reading

Brasil Adds to the Tharos’ List of Granted Patents


Brazil has granted intellectual protecting rights to Tharos’ “Solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral enriched krill oils” patented process. Brazil’s decision keeps adding to Tharos’ national patents granted as of September 2015 expanding Tharos protection of its unique krill … Continue reading

How Poorly Designed Research Affects Omega 3′s


This is a recent article written by GOED worth reading. This comes after the New York Times poorly addressed Omega3′s vs mental health. I encourage you to check the Memory and Cognitive Function – Papers Table-2 table about the various authors that … Continue reading

Why krill oils are preferably delivered in softgels and you should know about this.


The primary variables limiting a wide range of finished consumable products containing krill oil-based omega-3 EPA, DHA, carotenes(pigments as antioxidant) and phospholipids are cost, flavor and the amount of bioavailable omega-3.  For these reasons, softgel capsules are the predominant application for delivering omega-3’s. To overcome … Continue reading

African Countries Grant Tharos Patent Protecting Rights


ARIPO (African Regional Industrial Property Organization) has granted intellectual protecting rights to Tharos’ “Solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral enriched krill oils” patented process. ARIPO’s decision makes Tharos to complete a total of 13 national patents granted as of … Continue reading

China Embraces Tharos Technological Breakthrough


Tharos has achieved a highly significant breakthrough in the competitive Chinese business environment. The “State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China” has sent Tharos its “Notification of Allowing Invention Patent” for Tharos’ patent “Solvent-free process for obtaining … Continue reading

Tharos Gets New Protecting Rights for its Solvent-Free Process


South Africa and Mexico adds the list of countries that have granted inventive protecting rights for Tharos’ solvent-free krill oil extraction technology.  A total of 11 national patents have been granted since Tharos first applied for its invention back in … Continue reading

New USA Patent for Tharos Krill Oil Extraction Process


USPTO has granted our 5th IP in the US  for Tharos’ “Solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral enriched krill oils“. This new patent protection keep expanding Tharos’ krill oil novel extraction technology. A second recently filed IP application, plus … Continue reading

Why media coverage on Omega 3s can become so misleading ?


As recently informed by GOED, the latest in the recent spate of negative omega-3 coverage comes from an article by Peter Whoriskey at The Washington Post. Although the article includes a variety of negative statements, it does not cover any of the … Continue reading

China set to make the most of krill


Worldfishing article strengthens Chinese involvement in the South Antarctic krill fishery. Chinese presence is expected to transform the Chinese offshore fishing industry and lead to the growth and development of the marine economy of places like Qingdao, Liaoning and Shandong … Continue reading

Japan Grants Tharos New Patent


Strengthening Tharos’ patent portfolio, Japan has granted 20-year patent protection for Tharos’ “Solvent-free process for obtaining phospholipids and neutral enriched krill oils“. This new patent protection helps build a stronger protection base for this unique way to obtain krill oils … Continue reading

Krill Oil Prices Update


What if a price war outbreaks among krill oil manufacturers? Several will succumb linked to high production costs and/or limited value proposals offered to a market that is eagerly looking  for new presentations, clean and environmental-friendly products. May 2015 Tharos’ … Continue reading

Krill Fishing and Conservation


This report comes from ICED (Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Southern Ocean), BAS (British Antarctic Survey) and WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) workshop on “UNDERSTANDING THE OBJECTIVES FOR KRILL FISHING AND CONSERVATION IN THE SCOTIA SEA AND ANTARCTIC PENINSULA REGION” … Continue reading

Science Update: Omega-3 PUFAs and the Treatment of SIRS


As recently published by GOED in April 22, results from a meta analysis [1] published in April 2015 by Wan et al, for individuals with systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), omega-3 supplementation reduces the risk of death by a remarkable 23%, and reduces hospital … Continue reading

Codex EPA+DHA Recommended Intake Update


EPA and DHA Omega 3′s intake will soon have its daily intake recommendation issued by CODEX, and with it, a strong push for its final positioning as a relevant nutrient for human health. The main conclusions suggest that increased consumption of … Continue reading

South Antarctic Krill Fishery Sustainability


SupplySide insights April 2015 publication addresses South Antarctic krill fishery and its market positioning. Despite the great concern regarding krill overfishing, this is strictly regulated by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), the international organization … Continue reading

Residual Solvents: the Neglected Quality & Safety Attribute

chromadex(as JPG)

This ChromaDex Company report addresses the current lack of attention to the identity and testing for residual solvents in ingredients and products within the Dietary Supplement industry. Solvent extracted compounds, specifically in the area Tharos is heavily involved as it … Continue reading

Korean Environmental Activists Call for Help to Stop Fisheries in Antarctica


This is the classic news focused on creating awareness based on very bad science. In a press conference held at Hanvit Square in Seoul on April 23, two Korean NGO’s “The Citizens’ Institute for Environmental Studies” and the “Korean Federation for … Continue reading

Chinese Involvement in Antarctic Krill Fishery


Following Tharos’ April 7 2015 news on Chinese involvement in the krill fishery, SeafoodSource updates on this matter. It addresses Chinese strong drive towards the improvement of processing and quality standards as the only way to compete vis-a vis with current krill … Continue reading

Chinese fishing firm seeks to dominate Antarctic with massive trawler


China es seriously involved in the improvement of their current processing and quality standards as the only way to compete vis-a vis with current krill operators and suppliers. Continuing with our reports about Chinese fishing cooperations’ involvement in the South Antarctic … Continue reading

The New York Times on Fish Oils


What makes the NYT to address that fish oil claims are not supported by research? Fish Oils seconds aspirin as the most studied material for human health and its health benefits are well known worldwide.  The tone and conclusions of the … Continue reading

GOED launches national omega-3s campaign based on successful test market trial


Building on a successful test run in North Carolina, the global organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) has launched a national wide ad campaign to boost the profile of omega-3s. Omega-3s are among the most highly researched dietary ingredients … Continue reading

Nascent fund calls for research proposals pertaining to krill sustainability


A new nongovernmental organization devoted to research on the Antarctic ecosystem, source of the world´s krill oil omega-3 supplements, has called for its initial round of research proposals. The Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR) formally launched only last week at the … Continue reading

Vitafoods: Dimitri Sclabos krill expert at Vitafoods Geneva


Vitafoods, one of world´s largest trade shows in human nutritional products celebrates its annual global nutraceutical event in Geneva (Switzerland), May 5-7th. For the first time, Vitafoods is launching the Omega-3s Resource Centre, co-developed with internationally recognized Omega-3 experts, GOED. … Continue reading

China fishing plan in Antarctica alarms scientists


The following article explains why China fishing plan in Antarctica alarms scientists, BEIJING — Scientists studying the Antarctic’s marine life received some unexpected news this month: China plans to vastly increase fishing for Antarctic krill – small crustaceans that are a … Continue reading

Analyst Desk: Algal Omega-3s


SupplySide, Omega-3s insights shares video on Algal Omega-3s as part of their analyst desk. Although a newer supplemental source of long-chain omega-3s as compared to fish or krill oils, algal oil is gaining traction from its positioning, including sustainability and … Continue reading

Tech Savy Omega-3s


SupplySide has published a very interesting report on tech savy omega-3s in cooperation with GOED. “Global sales of omega-3 finished products are expected to hit US$34.5 billion by 2016. With this type of growth, the industry is working overtime to … Continue reading

Krill Meal and Krill Oil – How price and tonnage competitive are they with other fishmeal and oils? FULL VERSION


Latest Tharos report addresses current fishmeal supply constraints and its impact in fishmeal prices vs. krill oil and krill meal capability, if any, to overcome, price-competitively, such constraint. For fish oils, krill oil is far from been an alternative for … Continue reading


GOED infographic JPEG (1)

For much of the last year, the GOED Communications Committee has been working on a consumer-friendly infographic to help educate consumers on the importance of omega-3s. The infographic was recently completed and, as part of the Communications Committee, we are … Continue reading

Krill Meal and Krill Oil – How price and tonnage competitive are they with other fishmeal and oils?


Latest Tharos report addresses current fishmeal supply constraints and its impact in fishmeal prices vs. krill meal capability, if any, to overcome, price-competitively, such constraint. For fish oils, krill oil is far from been an alternative for other pelagic-origin fish … Continue reading

Always Omega-3s Consumer Campaign Drives Sales in Test Market


  The omega-3 coalition test market nearly doubled its sales target in Charlotte and returned the market to growth in just four weeks The coalition formed by the omega-3 industry to reverse the decline of omega-3 sales in the US … Continue reading

NIFES Reports Low Levels of Contaminants in Marine Oils

Sin título

NIFES Reports Low Levels of Contaminants in Marine Oils (2013). Includes krill oil. Continue reading

Residual Solvents: The Neglected Quality & Safety Attribute


USA Corporation Chromadex recently released a report regarding residual solvents and their risk when not properly monitored.  For solvents, these are used to produce or are produced in the manufacture of drug substances, dietary ingredients or excipients and in the … Continue reading

USA Grants New Processing Protection Rights to Tharos’ Krill Oil


Tharos has been granted dated Oct.21.2014 a new patent protection in the US for its solvent-free krill oil extraction process. Details at As it has recently happened in Australia and New Zealand, the process allows krill oil to be … Continue reading

Nutritional Outlook – Why krill oil is more stable than fish oil


By now, manufacturers and even some consumers are familiar with the argument that krill oil is more efficiently absorbed than fish oil. Another distinction, however, is the likelihood that krill oil is more stable than fish oil. A team ofresearchers now believes they have more evidence … Continue reading

New Zealand Grants Processing Protection Rights to Tharos’ Krill Oil


Same as with Australia, the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand has just accepted Tharos’ unique krill oil extraction process patenting rights. New Zealand acceptance shows Tharos Ltd krill oil extraction process to be unique and novel in terms of … Continue reading

Australia Grants Processing Protection Rights to Tharos’ Krill Oil


Tharos has been officially informed by the Australian Government Patent Office of its acceptance of Tharos Ltd krill oil extraction process. The process allows krill oil to be manufactured onboard fishing vessels, at-sea, directly where the capture takes place and 100% … Continue reading

At-sea manufacture provides highest quality krill oil


In order to preserve krill’s “unique health and nutritional properties,” krill oil extraction should take place as soon as possible after the krill have been caught, according to Dimitri Sclabos, general manager of Tharos Co., a Chilean-based krill consultancy. Sclabos claims … Continue reading

Nutraingredients: Wasted Potencial? FAO review highlights food and feed uses for fish and selfish by-products

Sin título

A recent article published by  citing FAO research, emphasizes the significant importance of treating large amounts of fish and shellfish precession waste. It is not only a mandatory action due to environmental considerations, but also on its direct impact in the … Continue reading

GOED´s consumer website


As part of the GOED omega-3 coalition, GOED has officially launched a consumer website at The site is designed to be an independent educational website to educate consumers about the benefits of omega-3s. In addition, GOED has established a Facebook page and Twitter … Continue reading